What Septic System Cleaners Would Do for a Gurgling Toilet

A gurgling toilet warns that something might be wrong. When a toilet gurgles or bubbles start to form, the goal should be to find out what's wrong as a matter of urgency. The YouTube video "Clogged Septic Tank Toilet Bubbles and Backup" highlights the urgency. The gurgling may signal a blocked line. Negative air forms in the sewer line.

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As a result, the air may come back up into the toilet. This is the cause of the sound. Additionally, the water may start to bubble.

The Urgency of Dealing With a Gurgling Toilet

The gurgling may be far apart at first. It may not even be that annoying. However, if the problem isn't addressed, it'll get worse. Furthermore, the cause may be a collapsed sewer line. If left unattended for too long, it'll cause waste to back up through the toilet, shower, and drains. The problem may also be a backed-up septic system that's clogged.

Avoid throwing grease down a drain because it solidifies when it gets cold. This could be another possible reason for the blockages. Septic system cleaners may be the answer. Some act as a degreaser through the use of enzymes. Homes that have a septic tank system may benefit from having a septic tank cleaner on hand.