How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding? Can't decide on the perfect wedding venue? No problem. The YouTube video "How to decide on your type of wedding venue" helps brides to make the big decision. There are a few things to consider when scouting for a venue. The first is to consider the theme of the wedding. Then select a venue that matches that theme.

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For example, a barn venue might suit a rustic-chic wedding. Alternatively, a Boho, country, or vintage theme may also suit a barn venue.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Venue

The two primary factors to consider are the budget for the wedding and the guest list. The wedding's budget will be divided into several areas, such as the wedding dress, décor, wedding invitations, menu, entertainment, etc.

These factors tie in with the wedding's theme. The guest list will drive the cost of the venue up or down. A large guest list will require a large venue and vice versa. The next decision is whether the venue offers the right amenities. Does the venue offer a bridal and groom's room? Additionally, does it offer a kitchen, tables, chairs, or decor? These factors can help with planning and budgeting. Ultimately, the venue will be determined by the budget.