How Junk Removal Jobs Get Their Price

Unlock the potential of your new junk removal business with Steezy Flips as they share practical tips and research ideas to help newcomers thrive in this eco-friendly and community-focused industry! In this helpful video (, the junk removal professional addresses the challenge of setting prices for newcomers in the business.

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He shares his approach of visiting competitor websites to gather information on their pricing structures, enabling beginners to create a well-informed price list for their own businesses. The video highlights a common rookie mistake: pricing a half truckload at exactly half the price of a full truckload. Steezy Flips emphasizes that successful companies generally set their half-truckload prices well above half of a full truckload. For instance, they may charge $400 for a half truckload and $650 for a full one. Steezy Flips also advises new entrepreneurs to avoid charging the same rates as big, established companies when starting out. As larger brands have highly professional websites and reputations, customers expect to pay more for their services. By learning from the insights shared in the video, budding business owners can develop a competitive pricing strategy, providing a valuable service to their communities while fostering a cleaner and more organized environment.