What You Should Know About Commercial Roofing

This video, "Kodiak Roofing: What does commercial roofing involve?" looks at a day in the life of a commercial roofing crew. The crew members must be early risers, meeting at a designated location or the work site so they are ready to start at 6:00 a.m. By then, the supervisor and team have created a plan for their day and the tasks ahead.

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The first hour is spent in preparation, either hauling supplies or doing quiet prep work to avoid making noise before 7:00 a.m. Much of the on-site work shown in the video involves preparing the roof's waterproofing membrane. In the example shown, the crew attaches the membrane with glue that works best after the sun warms the surface. Among the more challenging parts of commercial roofing is the need to prepare the membrane, which is made difficult due to the need to work around pipes or other building parts rising above the roof's surface. Each requires cutting the membrane to fit around the obstacle and then taking extra steps to ensure they achieve a good seal. As in other occupations, field experience in commercial roofing helps ensure the job's completion properly and efficiently.