The Top Breakfast Spots Across the Country

For those consumers that want to learn about the best local breakfast place in every state in the United States, the YouTube channel Mashed has a video called "These Are Hands Down The Best Breakfast Spots In Every State. This video runs over 14 minutes and highlights the best breakfast restaurants in all 50 states. In Alabama, the best rated restaurant is The Alabama Biscuit Company.

Video Source

It is known for its delicious biscuits like Goat Cheese, Pecan and Honey, Croque Madame made with ham, cheddar, and egg. The Snow City Cafe in Alaska serves delicious French Toast and eggs with salmon called Salmon Tundra Scramble. Arizona rates The Best Breakfast House at the top of the list for its Pork Chili Omelet and Bacon Bacon Waffle. Arkansas lists the Bryant Cafe as the best local place because customers can buy eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and biscuits with gravy for under $8. In Colorado, the Bacon Social House is the top breakfast restaurant. The menu focuses on bacon dishes. The Bacon Flight entree serves customers all kinds of bacon to try jalapeno, candied, and apple smoked. Johnny's Luncheonette in Massachusetts is the best local breakfast place with its all-day breakfast menu. They serve Nutella Berries French Toast, Steak Tips and Eggs, and Sweet Potato Hash. This video will help residents or travelers find the best local breakfast place in their state or when traveling.