Choosing the Proper Hurricane Windows

Hurricanes are about wildly blowing winds throwing projectiles at the weak points of your house such as windows and doors. Hurricane windows help. Tommy from Ask This Old House explains.

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Levels of Protection

Hurricane winds blow in excess of 100 mph, but it only takes 34 mph for a projectile such as lawn chairs or a tree limb to be hurled at your windows and doors.

Homeowners put plywood over their windows to protect them in a hurricane. Some homeowners try to save a buck by using oriented strand board or OSB. The snag to that is that OSB isn't as strong as the legally required 5/8 inch thick plywood.

Other levels of window protection include fabric that bounces projectiles back but breaks windows. Wood or metal shutters do the same. What's the solution?

Hurricane Windows

Impact glass consists of two layers of glass with a membrane in the middle. A projectile will shatter the glass, but like a car windscreen, no hole will appear to allow rain to ruin the inside of the house.

A house is the biggest responsibility homeowners have. Special windows are made just for hurricanes, so you won't have to spend thousands on repairs.