What to Know About Granite Counter Installation

There's no excitement quite like choosing the countertops and cabinets that make your dream kitchen a reality. In the video, Brad shows us what goes into granite counter installation.

Choosing Your Granite

Brad has chosen a Horizon brand “tier four” slab of granite. Granite has three quality levels with one being the lowest quality, two somewhat better, and three and over the best quality granite.

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Cutting the Granite

After taking careful measurements, the granite slab is cut based on a template using a wet or circular saw with a diamond cutting edge. This is also when the edge (bevel, ¼ bevel, ½ bevel, or straight edge) the homeowner chose is finished.


Meanwhile, the appliances, sink, backsplash, and cabinetry has to be moved in order to install the new granite countertops. Old adhesive is removed so new adhesives can be used.


Special machines are used to set and level the seams. The counters are caulked, the faucet and accessories installed, and the last step is cleaning and sealing the countertops.

Granite counter installation is the largest part of a kitchen build or remodel. It's heavy and exacting work. Enjoy your new counters!