Repairing Pool Liner Guide

Let pool repair expert Chris Ilias teach you the ins and outs of vinyl pool liner repair for both inground and above-ground pools. Even a big tear in a vinyl liner doesn't mean you need to hire a local pool liner repair service or replace the entire liner. In this video, Ilias takes you through the whole process of vinyl repair.

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You'll learn pro tips like: • Add two to four inches to the patch for a large tear • Always use a pool mat beneath the patch • How to clean the surface area of an old patch before replacing it. Ilias explains the difference between patching a tear in the center of the pool and patching those at or near the pool's seams. You'll also find out the importance of replacing sand when sand loss occurs. A large tear or hole in your pool's vinyl liner doesn't have to mean hiring a local pool liner repair service to patch it. It also doesn't mean you need to replace the entire liner. Watch this video and follow pool repair expert Chris Ilias's tips and instructions to make lasting repairs to your swimming pool.