Fix Your Exhaust Leak for Cheap With These Tips

Your car exhaust can become damaged or defective for various reasons. Instead of taking a trip to a mechanic or auto repair shop, why not try handling it yourself? In this video, you'll find tips for car exhaust repair. Better yet, you can tackle this project yourself for only $12.

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You'll be able to tell you that have an exhaust leak if you feel hot air coming out from underneath your vehicle when you stick your hand around the exhaust pipe. Instead of purchasing expensive welding equipment, you can use FiberFix heat wrap tape, and it'll work perfectly fine. Exhaust pipes are made out of rolled steel and have a welded seam on them. Usually, the seam will deteriorate until a hole develops.

With a wire brush, clean the area to restore its shiny appearance. Then, you'll put the heat wrap tape into water and let it sit for about 30-40 seconds to start the activation process. Make sure to squeeze out any excess water before wrapping the tape around the exhaust pipe hole, then overlap it a couple of inches on each side when wrapping. Repeat this process four times. See the video above for more steps. .