Designing Your Own Hardscape Patio

Managing a home means finding ways to add an attractive touch to its landscape. A hardscape patio can transform a home and increase its functionality. How the hardscape patio gets designed is crucial in this case. The best results come from working with a hardscape patio service. So how does one design and install the right hardscape patio in their home? The first step is learning the different patterns one can consider for the project.

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To effectively handle the project, dig a path with a width of 48 inches. Use sticks to mark the layout and ensure the diagonals are equal. A hardscape patio consists of several layers; gravel base, sand base, and the pavers' base. The hardscape patio service you hire should offer guidance and increase project success. The walkway should slope away from the house. This is to enable water flow, avoid stagnation and achieve long-term positive results. After digging the layout, tamp the area with a plate compactor. The hardscape patio service you hire should have the equipment. Add a weed barrier before installing the paver panels against a straight edge. Afterward, place the blocks per the design and install edging with spikes. Next, add sand to fill the pavers and settle the blocks using hand tampers. Use a leaf blower to prevent hazing and spray water. Finish and complement the project with plants and landscape lighting.        .