Helpful Tips on Tire Repair

Driving over a nail or a sharp object can have a devastating effect on a vehicle. A punctured or burst tire lowers the vehicle's functionality. While taking it to a repair shop is an option, one can do the work with proper guidance and the right tools. For effective tire repair, dismount and place it on a flat surface. This is to help find the puncture.

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Experts urge marking the area with a chalk stick or a marker pen.   To effectively repair the puncture, have the right tools. Besides a patch plug, have a tire grind and a vacuum cleaner. After dismounting the tire, remove the object to inspect and ascertain the damage extent. Marking the damaged area from the inside is crucial in tire repair. This also makes it easy to buffer the area with a tire grind. Tire grinding helps smoothen the area and reveals the puncture for easier repair. Vacuum clean the area to remove any dirt before applying rubber cement. Let the rubber cement air dry before proceeding. It might take a moment for the rubber cement to air dry. At this point, insert the patch plug, apply a sealer, and let it dry. Trim the patch plug to level with the tire surface to complete the tire repair process.  .