Understanding General Dentistry

There are different types of dentists. Every dental specialist, like an orthodontist, is a dentist but they specialize in a specific treatment service. What is general dentistry? This video explains all the ins and outs of general dentistry and other dental specialists. In this video, you will learn about the education that is needed to become a general dentist.

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The myth about DDS and DDM is debunked. You will also learn about the treatment options that a general dentist focuses on, including restoration work, preventive care, and more. It is important that every patient understands what a general dentist has to offer to ensure they are making an informed decision about where they get oral healthcare. General dentists can treat children, remove teeth, and provide other services. They offer a wide range of services in one dental office. They explain how general dentists pick and choose the services that they offer. For example, a general dentist can do extractions but they may prefer not to. Watch this video to learn more about what a general dentist does.