Here's How to Properly Clean Your Deck

Is there anything as irritating as clearing stains from an already worn-out porch? The cleaning process is not as simple as it looks, especially if it's a furnished deck. To properly stain a deck, you need general degreasers and wood decks pressure wash to brighten the wood after the cleaning. Start by clearing the deck area of furniture and other distracting material.

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The objective is to better understand the stained region and the wood's health. Wet the entire deck with water using a pressure washer to prevent the wood from soaking down the degreaser while cleaning. Create the cleaner solution by mixing water and the degreaser according to the defined ratios, then settle for around ten minutes. Spray the cleaning solution on the wood and scrub to loosen the stains and grease spots. Also, scrub the posts and stairs to achieve an even clean. Now switch the hose setting to a gentler configuration and wash off the cleaner with water. The next step is to apply the wood deck pressure wash solution with exilic acid to remove the leftover mildew. Mix it appropriately with water, spray the entire wood deck, and wash it down to achieve a more refined finish.