When to Contact a Plumber

Many times, you are faced with plumbing issues that leave you wondering if you should attempt to fix the problem yourself or call a plumber instead. In this article, we'll look at a few different things you might encounter that are causes for contacting a plumber.

When ignored, plumbing issues can cause severe property damage or health and safety issues. To ensure that you're on top of any small issues that have the potential to become serious problems, there are certain tell-tale clues that a plumber is needed.

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For instance, if your bathtub or sink begins draining very slowly or not at all, you find water in areas it shouldn't be, or there's a reduced or lack of water pressure, you should contact your local plumber right away.

Other signs you need a plumber might involve faucets that won't stop dripping, clogs that just won't go away, overflowing toilets, and toilets that won't stop flushing. As well as, persistent odors coming from the drains, the appearance of mold around the house, or a sudden increase in your water bill. If you notice any of these events, be sure to reach out to your local plumber to get the problem solved right away!