Signs of a Pest Infestation When House Hunting

House hunting is exciting, but finding signs of pests isn't. No one buys a house on suspicion of termites, roaches, or rodents. This video tells us what to look for before calling a pest control business.

Keep an Eye Out for These Signs

  1. Droppings
  2. Active presence. Pests hide when the lights come on.

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    Learn what type they are as they're scurrying out of sight. Then you'll know what to tell the pest control professional.
  3. Dead bugs.
  4. Odor. Rodents tend to smell like urine or ammonia. Roaches give off a musty smell. As you're sniffing, listen for a thundering sound. That's the rodents tearing across the floors or in the walls upstairs.
  5. Gnaw marks. Rodents' teeth grow three inches per year. Chewing controls that growth. Holes and chew marks aren't happy.
  6. Greasy lines. Rodents follow walls instead of running in the open. They leave greasy tracks on the walls and baseboards.
  7. Termites. Fecal matter resembles tan pellets. Hollow sounds when wood is knocked and saggy floors and walls are dead giveaways.

When you decide on a house, the first inspection should be by a pest control business.