How Landscaping Can Help With Erosion Control

On the YouTube Channel "Survival Made Easy on A Budget,” in their video "Landscape to Stop Erosion Easily" they discuss how to stop erosion in the yard. For this project, they bought about 30 40-pound bags of topsoil and a 24-foot sump pump hose. Those trying this project will need a shovel, scissors, or a cutter to open bags, a rake, and a trash bag. Lay the hose in the yard as straight as possible, open the bags, and put it over the pump hose. They use 15 bags, and this will keep the hose from moving.

Video Source

The soil is raked evenly over the pump. After, the hose is hooked up to a water hose to assess it. A lawn mower is run over the soil to flatten it out. The hose will help the water to drain into areas where it collects. Another way that an erosion control service prevents erosion is by planting grass and shrubs to cover soil on slopes and hills. Sometimes they cover the soil with mulch or rocks. There are mulch mats that can be laid over plants and seeds in areas with slopes or hills. Some services add perforated pipes to eroding areas to help water run off more effectively. There are many different techniques that an erosion control service can provide.