Use This Auto Transmission Repair Tip for Major Savings

This video gives some excellent tips on how vehicle owners can save a lot of money on auto transmission repair. One way to keep the transmission in a tip-top shape is by having a mechanic change the fluid. People previously recommended drivers avoid changing the transmission fluid for fear of causing an issue.

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However, transmissions appreciate fresh fluid because it preserves their internal parts. Manufacturers recommend different fluid-changing intervals for different makes and models. and it's important to observe these timelines. Thus, car owners will need to research the recommendations for their cars before having their cars serviced that way. The owner's manual is a good resource for finding that information. A successful fluid swap requires the same kind the manufacturer used when building the car. Many new vehicle transmissions require high-tech synthetic oil and will not take kindly to foreign types. Therefore, the owners must ensure the mechanic uses the right kind when swapping. The wheels are other parts of the car that can affect the transmission adversely. Ensuring all the tires have the proper air pressure and match the manufacturer's recommendations can make a massive difference in the transmission's life. The speaker brings up some excellent points and goes into detail about these protective methods.