How Do I Choose Custom Blinds and Window Treatments?

This informational video discusses choosing the best window treatment for your home. First, you must know the difference between drapery panels and curtains. Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but doing so is inappropriate because distinct differences exist. One difference between drapery panels and curtains is that curtains are lighter and usually allow sunlight to seep through. Drapery panels typically have a much thicker texture and a more formal design.

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Drapery panels are also usually lined, whereas curtains are not. Typically, drapery panels should have a width twice the size of a window. However, a consumer can save money by having them fit 1.5 times the window width instead. This method is acceptable and can still give the windows the same gorgeous dressing. Hanging style is also crucial when choosing curtains and drapery panels. Rod pockets are the ones that hang from a rod, and they are sometimes more fitting for elegant setups. Tab tops and grommet curtains are additional types you can choose, with grommets being the best choice for those who frequently open their curtains or drapery panels. These custom blinds and window treatments can give the homeowner a sense of individuality. The speaker in the video explains more ways to narrow the choices down to the perfect window setup.