Understanding the Latest Home Designer Software

Building or remodeling a house is exciting. At last, they're your wall colors, your flooring choice, windows, window treatments, and more. You visualize Joanna Gaines' designs. How does design software work? Chief Architect shows us in the video.

What Design Software Does

Technology is magnificent. Home design software draws a picture of the room of your dreams.

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What you don't see is that behind the picture, lists are being made (right down to the millimeter of the cut lumber,) including the right amount of concrete, siding, and other building materials.

While you're marveling at the design, the software has built you a 3D view of your new rooms. The software's building model throws in a roof and foundation. You might even see landscaping around the house.

For the electric and plumbing, the professionals need to see the design as well. Any professional in the building process will see the design in their email and then begin doing their thing. That's a lot of people. Back in the day, they would have met with the architect before lifting a hammer.

Thanks to amazing advances in technology, a home designer uses design software to style new rooms or whole houses. Vive le software!