How AviClear Works to Clear Acne

AviClear is a revolutionary acne treatment that specifically targets the oil glands in the skin. According to the doctor in the video, unlike traditional treatments like Accutane or Trentinoin, aviclear offers comparable benefits in just three in-office sessions lasting around 30-45 minutes each. What sets AviClear apart is its ability to directly address the abnormalities in the oil glands.

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In cases where the oil glands produce excessively thick oil, similar to honey rather than a flowing liquid. AviClear's laser works to normalize the gland's chemistry. One of the notable advantages of AviClear is its versatility, making it suitable for anyone with various complexion issues. The treatment is particularly appealing to individuals who would otherwise consider Accutane. Unlike Accutane, which can have harsh side effects and requires frequent blood tests, the AviClear laser poses no such risks. The results achieved with AviClear are comparable to those achieved with Accutane, making it an excellent alternative. During the treatment, the technician in the video states that they customize the AviClear laser settings to the individual's specific condition and breakout depth. The procedure begins with thorough face cleansing, followed by acetone application to eliminate grease and oil. The technician then uses water to cool the face and keep it free from grease while systematically moving the laser across the skin. Although some discomfort may occur during the treatment, it subsides quickly. Post-treatment, it's normal to experience some redness, and patients are advised to refrain from wearing makeup and engaging in exercise for the remainder of the day. They're also told to follow a gentle skincare routine, including cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen, in the next few days following the treatment.