Different Types of Maine Coon Cats

Maine coon cats are widely known for their beauty and fun personalities, and that's why they're a top choice for many families. But did you know there are roughly 10 different types of maine coon cat colors? Animal Beast discusses each color to help you learn more about this popular breed. So, which is the most popular maine coon color? The most popular and widely used pattern on maine coons is the tabby.

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Its design of stripes, dots, and swirls is mixed with one or more base colors. In second place is one of the more fascinating colors, smoke. This is because it's a solid color with smoke coatings. Due to the lighter undercoat, there's a less solid, faded appearance that most can't spot on a kitten. For a more distinct look, there are shaded coat cats, which can have a variety of colors. What makes them stand out is the undercoat being lighter than the top coat. Both have shaded and white versions with white paws, chest, and belly. Tabby-white and solid come in fourth and fifth, with tortoise shells, blue, white, and red rounding out the top 10 colors of main coon cats.