What You Need to Know About Heavy Equipment Rental

If you want to avoid asset management issues and create a more sustainable business that reduces your carbon footprint, try heavy equipment rental, as this video suggests. Every equipment rental business offers different services and maintains different rental rules. Before renting equipment, interview a few companies to find answers to a few vital questions.

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1. Do they rent the machines you need? If you have little experience using or renting heavy equipment, you might not know which machines you need. Ask if they can help you determine what you'll need. If their staff doesn't have the knowledge to help with this, skip renting from that company. 2. What maintenance and repairs do they provide? Most rental agreements leave the day-to-day maintenance up to the renter. You'll need to fill up the equipment with gas and check and change the oil if you rent it for a lengthy period. If the machine breaks down, the equipment rental organization should provide repairs. Find out how long they take to respond to a repair call. 3. What repairs do they provide? Do you or do they buy the parts? Most companies don't repair everything. If they determine that the damage came from your misuse or overuse of the device, you typically pay for repairs and parts. Always read your rental agreement in full before signing it. Ask about any information that differs from what the staff you interviewed provided. Enjoy the benefits of a garage full of heavy equipment without the problems.