How Commercial Roofing Services Install TPO

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, or TPO, is a relatively recent roofing material. Although new, it has a number of benefits, including resistance to ultraviolet lights, tearing, and water damage. But what process do commercial roofing services providers go through to get them installed? You can learn more from this video by Greater Houston Roofing that goes over the basic installation of TPO. As with any construction job, a good roofer keeps things clean and orderly.

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They will also change various things that were negatively impacting the old roof, either due to it being improper material or it simply being there for too long. When getting things prepped for the addition of the TPO, roofers also have to make sure that what they're applying the TPO to is actually of sound quality. If the roof that's there is in bad shape, they will replace it with something new, like a dens deck recovery board that's securely fastened down. When the TPO is actually being applied, there may be points where the roofers have to make holes in the TPO for certain things (such as a pipe). When this happens, they use a TPO boot that is placed on pipes in order to ensure that no leakage occurs.