What Are Some Common Roof Styles and How Are They Constructed

There are a variety of roof types and styles to consider when building a new home. Each type has its own unique look and series of benefits and drawbacks. A residential roof construction service can provide answers and feedback to any of your roof questions. Some of the roof styles are: gable, hip, gambrel, mansard, and flat.

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All of these roof styles are pitched, except for flat. The gable roof is the most common and easiest to install. The appeal of the gable roof, along with all of the pitched roof types, in water can flow easily off the roof and into the gutter system. This prevents standing water from potentially damaging the structure. The one drawback of the flat roof style is how water can pool. Additional maintenance and care are needed for that roof type. Although there is a subtle pitch to a flat roof, standing water can be an issue. The other aspect of roof types from a residential roof construction service is the aesthetics. The roof type used for a home contributes greatly the general curb appeal of a house. The pitched roof styles can be augmented by shingles while the flat roof type draws more attention to the facade of a house. .