Creating Commercial Lawn Maintenance Bids for Beginners

If you're getting into the commercial lawn maintenance industry, one of the key aspects of your work will be creating bids for your clients. Unlike the residential landscaping industry, in the commercial landscaping sphere, companies are in direct competition for each project. Instead of estimates, you'll need to provide bids to potential clients.

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It's important that you can support your staff and operating expenses based on what you earn from each job. So, while you may want to undercut your competition, you need to be realistic. Any company that only wants to underpay its lawn maintenance crew isn't worth your time or resources. As your company becomes more established, you can slowly raise your prices to reflect your experience and client testimonials. However, when you get started, you may need to rely on trial and error to get your first commercial clients. The video posted here will give you a good overview of creating your first lawn maintenance bids for commercial clients. Make sure to watch it and take notes before creating any bids. After all, any information you glean from professionals in the field will help you outpace your competition. With time, you can grow your business maintaining commercial properties with ease. .