See a Beautiful Home Remodeling Service Transformation

Homeowners often have quirky and very specific features in their homes, presenting a challenge for a home remodeling service. The house featured in this video takes this to a whole other level, with touches such as a black, pebbled bath, bamboo-themed tiles in the entrance hall, and a mosaic ceiling in the bathroom. As Lincoln and Lauren from Austin Flipsters say, this is the equivalent of bedazzling a home.

The essence of renovating a house is to keep the features that work and take out those that don’t. For this home, that meant removing the ocean theme from the bathroom but keeping the bright window.

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The homeowner also kept the fireplace in the living room but took out the wall between the dining area and the kitchen. This method will eliminate elements you are getting tired of but will still make your house feel like a home.

Rooms painted all in one color can become boring. This is solved by creating a feature wall, which is a theme that can be carried through the whole house. This style can be used to highlight a focal point of each room, such as an interesting painting or fireplace. Painters using this style will typically paint 60% of the room in a dominant color, 30% in a secondary color, and will give the remaining 10% an accent color.

When renovating, always remember the principle ‘less is more,' which will give the house a modern and universal appeal. This is important when it comes to appealing to the shifting housing market. It is also why many of the quirky features in this house had to go.