Explaining the Architect Design Process

Whether you're looking to build an office building or residential property, you'll inevitably have to get an architect design for the structure. When approaching an architect, have an understanding of your goals, materials, and site of the structure. These factors can drastically change how an architect approaches the design of a building.

The use of your building may be the most important factor to consider as it will determine where you build and what you build with. A school, for example, will have to be built in a different area than a residential building due to zoning laws.

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The layout of the building will also determine the design, as a restaurant has different needs than a retail shop.

When it comes to the materials for your building, think about your budget. If you come to the architect asking for materials you can't afford, you will be disappointed. You'll also want to think about how different materials hold up in different environments. Wood, for example, reacts differently in hot, dry climates than it does in more humid or cold areas.

You must next consider the site of your building. The site could determine the size of your structure based on zoning and geography. It could even determine the materials you use. If you choose the wrong site, your plans may be frustrated based on these factors.

As you can see, all three of these elements play into each other, which is why they must be carefully considered. Getting everything ready for the architect could only take a few days but sometimes may take weeks, so be patient during the process. When it comes time to talk to the architect, be honest about your goals and expectations so you can get the design you want.