Commercial Paving for Beginners

Do you need to install paving at your residential or commercial property? Or perhaps you're interested in learning more about how a paving project is completed. Watch the YouTube video "How an Asphalt Paver Works and Keys to a Successful Commercial Paving Project" for a breakdown. The video takes viewers step-by-step through a project.

The Paving Process

The process starts with planning. The planning phase considers the area to be paved, the reason for paving, the expected traffic, drainage requirements, and any permits or regulations that need to be considered.

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Afterward, a team of specialists is hired, and the site is prepared for paving. Site preparation includes clearing the area of debris, plants, and structures. In many cases, excavation is required.

The process then continues to base installation. This is the foundation of the pavers. It usually consists of aggregate or crushed stone, which is then spread over the surface to be paved. The aggregate stone is then compacted before asphalt or concrete is laid down. The budget and preference will determine if the paving is asphalt or concrete. Again, the material is laid out over the stone and compacted.

The next step is laying down the paving. The previous material should create a smooth surface for the paving. The final stages allow the paving to cure. This step enables the paving to harden correctly.