What to Have Ready Before Hiring a Tree Service

When you need to hire a tree service to remove branches from a tree, a tree stump from your yard, or do general pruning and trimming services, there are certain things you need to have ready and specific questions you need to ask. Local tree care services must have specific paperwork such as licenses, certifications, and permits. The YouTube video "5 Tips For Hiring a Tree Service" lists some of the things you should be looking at and questions you should be asking.

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As the property owner, you should be aware of your budget for the service. It will help guide which services should be rendered immediately and which can wait. For example, if your budget only allows removing branches from hanging in a neighbor's yard but you also want pruning services, you should take care of the more important service first.

You should also be clear about which services you need. The local tree care service can help you with recommendations and guidance. However, it's important to know your budget and be clear about your requirements. As for the tree service, they should be licensed, insured, qualified, and trained. They should also be able to produce the paperwork to prove it. The most important of these are the licenses and the insurance. Lastly, always thoroughly read through the contract agreement before signing anything.