A Simple Guide for Installing a Pre-Hung Interior Door

Installing an interior door can be a straightforward and rewarding DIY project that can enhance the look and functionality of your space. These can help you through the door installation process.

The first door installation step is to measure the existing door opening and ensure it is level and square. Remove any trim or molding around the opening.

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Trim the rough opening to the correct size using a saw if necessary. Clean the opening of any debris and ensure the floor is level.

Position the pre-hung door unit in the opening, ensuring it is centered and level. Use shims to plumb the frame and adjust for any irregularities in the opening. Secure the frame to the rough opening using screws or nails, ensuring it is firmly in place.

With the frame securely in place, it's time to attach the door to the hinges. Check that the door swings freely and adjust the shims to ensure proper alignment. Secure the hinges to the frame using the provided screws.

Carefully open and close the door multiple times to check for smooth operation and proper fit. Make any necessary adjustments to the shims or hinges to ensure the door is level and closes properly. Test the door latch and ensure it engages smoothly with the strike plate.

Once the door is properly aligned and functioning, install the trim and molding around the door frame.