How to Carve a Niche for Your Crating Company

Many entrepreneurs are looking for a niche, which can be difficult to find. One unexpected way you can carve out your niche is by starting a crating company. If you find the right clients, this could be an incredibly lucrative business.

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Crating may sound boring to most people, but really it's all about what is carried in the crate. The contents could be pretty mundane but if you make the right connections, you could be crating exciting objects like priceless works of art. If you make the right connections in the art world, you could be crating centuries-old paintings and artifacts.

If you start crating company for such objects, you'll want to invest in good insurance. Anything can happen on the road, which means the art you're hauling could get damaged even if it's no fault of your own. Having quality insurance will allow you to work without the anxiety of millions of dollars in expenses hanging over your head.

To get started in this niche, it's important to start making connections. You should not only be going to larger museums and their events, but to smaller galleries as well. Get to know local artists who can help you form connections with bigger clients.