FAQs About Asphalt Maintenance

When focusing on your home's asphalt maintenance, it's important to consider specific questions, such as where the asphalt needs to be fixed most, how to place it properly, and how it's supposed to look.

Pay close attention to the edges of your driveway, as that is often where the asphalt needs to be fixed first. Be mindful of how you drive along the edge of your driveway, as this can cause damage to your existing asphalt and require repairs.

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Sometimes also asphalt will be coarse in some parts, and that is not an issue. Asphalt is comprised of a mixture of various components, so this is quite common to notice. When parking something heavy like a trailer on your asphalt, you may also need to use a board underneath, which will spread the weight out and protect its surface. It's also important to keep your driveway clean from moss and other sediment.

Seal coating is also really vital within the first year and every three to five years after, depending on the type of weather you're experiencing. It's also important to remember to use rolling turns, instead of stop turns, which can peel rocks from the surface of your asphalt. This can cause severe damage to your asphalt. Watch this video to learn more about asphalt maintenance.