FAQs About Landscape Supplies

If you have questions about what type of landscape supplies to purchase for your home, this video will help guide you. When installing either slate patios or walkways in your yard, there are specific steps that are necessary to follow in a particular order.

First, it is important to excavate your soil. Next, you will need to put down a layer of a three-quarter-inch road base, followed by a half-inch to an inch of coarse sand.

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Your next layer should be between an inch and a half inch of your slate product. This should cover between 80 to 110 square feet. This video recommends using 100 square feet per ton of slate. This preference comes from a range of considerations, such as the width of your seams and the thickness of your slate. With patios, you can choose to also back-fill your space. You can fill your seams with either a cement product or crushed gravel, and you can also leave some space for plants to add to the aesthetic of your space.

Essentially, the process used for both pathways and patios will be the same. The size of the slate you choose can also vary, as slate is offered in a variety of sizes. As this video states, while there are recommendations for your slate measurements, there are still choices you can make depending on your personal aesthetic preferences. It is helpful to have choices in your selection of landscape supplies.