FAQs About Local Tree Companies

When choosing local tree companies to help you with your property, there are five very important aspects to consider. These aspects include having a contract, a description of the specific job that will be performed, a performance window, the price, and solid terms and conditions of the job.

Having a contract will demonstrate specifics on tree removal, wildfire mitigation, and the insurance involved for each. Next, having a detailed description of the job will include the specific number of trees and their locations as well as additional services the company may offer.

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As for the performance window, often professionals will offer a 30-day timeframe that will tell customers that they will do the job anywhere between now and within 30 days from now. If customers need a price drop, that performance window could be negotiated to a larger performance window of 90 days. If the service needs to be done sooner than within 30 days, companies may charge a premium for that faster service. When discussing prices, a good local tree company will explain how they come up with that amount. Lastly, the company's terms and conditions should also include clear guidelines regarding aspects such as pet waste, as in this line of work it's considered a safety hazard to workers.

The five aspects described in this video will help customers choose higher-quality local tree companies. Watch this video for more details!