What to Ask Local Roofers Prior to Signing a Contract

When making improvements t your home, it's imperative to find the right help. This is especially true when looking to work with local roofers. The roofer you choose can significantly impact the quality and durability of your roof.

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If you're looking to hire local roofers, take the time to ask them the following questions.

Where is your office located? Established roofing companies should have an address that is closer to the downtown area. If their address is in a residential area, it may be a sign that they're newer and less experienced.

Do you have insurance? When hiring anyone to come to your home, it's vital that you check that they are insured. This helps to guarantee that you won't have to cover the cost of any accident or mistake made during the roofing process out of your pocket.

How much will the work cost? the roofer may not be able to quote you a price until they perform an inspection. These inspections will help you understand the severity of damage to your roof, the cost of the company's services, and the expected timeline to complete the work.

For additional information on what questions to ask local roofers, please review the attached video.