Tips For Professional Home Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest home sidings to install; still, siding installation should be done professionally to achieve the desired result. When done incorrectly, it can let water in and be a home for pests. But when installed correctly, vinyl siding can enhance a home's aesthetic appeal and increase energy efficiency.

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Some tips for professional vinyl installation include:


According to the narrator, vinyl siding should be pre-painted with a single coat on the face and edges before being nailed to the wall. This saves on paint and time, which is essential whether siding is installed DIY or by a professional.

Pre-Marking Studs

According to the narrator, it's essential that the installer pre-mark studs because this is where the vinyl siding will be nailed. The installer can't see the studs for homes with builder's wrap, but they can use a stud finder.

Spacing in the Ends

Vinyl siding will move slightly due to the weather and other factors. For this reason, it's vital the installer leaves a quarter of an inch space on both ends to prevent buckling.