Here's How Criminal Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed

Criminal attorneys advocate for their clients and seek the best possible outcome for their cases. One of the goals of criminal lawyers is to get their clients' cases dismissed. While not all cases can be dismissed, skilled criminal attorneys use their knowledge of the law, understanding of legal procedures, and advocacy skills to pursue all available options for their clients.

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To make an arrest, law enforcement must have probable cause. If a criminal lawyer can demonstrate that there was no probable cause for the arrest, they may be able to get the case dismissed. It often involves scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding the arrest and presenting arguments that it was based on speculation or insufficient evidence.

Criminal lawyers thoroughly review the evidence against their clients, looking for weaknesses or legal issues that can be exploited. They may challenge the admissibility of evidence, question the credibility of witnesses, or highlight procedural errors law enforcement makes. They aim to convince the court that the case should be dismissed by raising doubts about the evidence.

A skilled criminal lawyer will bring this to the court's attention if a person's constitutional rights have been violated during the investigation or arrest process. Violations of the Fourth Amendment, such as unlawful searches and seizures, can lead to evidence being deemed inadmissible, weakening the prosecution's case. By demonstrating that the defendant's rights were violated, the lawyer may argue for dismissing the charges.