What Operations Can Metal Manufacturing Companies Do?

If you're looking to start a manufacturing company, you're probably wondering about all the nuts and bolts. A metal manufacturing company performs a wide range of operations that involve the transformation of raw materials into finished metal products. Here are some of the key operations that metal manufacturing companies typically undertake.

Machining involves the use of specialized machines and tools to remove material from a metal workpiece, resulting in a precise and accurate shape. This operation commonly creates complex parts and components with tight tolerances.

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These parts can include gears, shafts, and engine parts.

Casting is when molten metal is poured into a mold to create a specific shape. This method produces intricate and detailed metal components that may be difficult or costly to fabricate using other methods. Common casting techniques include sand casting, investment casting, and die casting.

Once the metal parts are formed or machined, they often undergo various finishing processes to enhance their appearance. These can include improving their surface quality and providing protection against corrosion. Finishing operations may include polishing, grinding, coating, painting, or plating, depending on the desired final product.

In many cases, metal manufacturing companies also handle the assembly of metal components to create finished products. Once the assembly is complete, the products are often packaged and prepared for shipping or distribution. The result is a happy customer with a quality product.