3 Tips for Hiring Home Painting Contractors

Like with any contracting job, you should be shopping around to find the best company that fits your needs. But there are so many options, how do you choose? You should be aware of the right questions to ask prospective painters before choosing them to paint your home. Furthermore, you should know what to do before hiring a painter. The attached video provides tips on hiring home painting contractors.

Firstly, you need to decide on the color of paint you want, and the sheen level of paint you want. One color may have a variety of different shades, so first pick the color.

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There are different types of sheen, from matte to gloss. Sheen is how much light reflects on the paint, so a glossy paint will be shiny as opposed to a matte finish. There is also eggshell, semi-gloss, and satin.

Secondly, to find the right painters, you can check on Yelp. You can also visit social media sites, follow contractors, see the type of work they're doing, and contact them. Ensure you're given a breakdown of the cost, instead of a random figure.

Thirdly, ask plenty of questions. Find out about the type of prep work the painter will do. Phrase your questions by giving out very little information. Instead of asking ‘Will you caulk the corners?', ask ‘How will you prep the corners?' Find out how many coats of paint they'll do. Ask for step-by-step details.