How to Perform Blood Clean Up Safely

If you or someone you're with has suffered an injury causing blood to spill, you'll need to think carefully about cleaning up after bandaging the wound. If you're performing blood clean up of someone else's blood, you'll want to take some crucial steps to stay free from contamination. You will also want to prevent blood from getting anywhere else by accident.

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The first step you should take is to call emergency medical services if the injury is life-threatening. Sometimes it's hard to tell, so make sure to call if you're not sure how bad the injury is. You could end up saving someone's life. You'll be able to clean up after everyone is safe.

You also need to remember to remain calm. You'll be able to handle the problem best if you take a deep breath and clear your head. Make sure you or the other person are safe and no longer bleeding before you start cleaning.

Once you start cleaning, make sure you're wearing the proper personal protective equipment. Wear durable gloves so no blood gets on you or other people. And perhaps most importantly, be careful where you put your hands. You don't want to inadvertently spread blood around without cleaning it up.