2 Tips for Bathroom Renovations and Creating Resale Value

The condition of the home's bathroom could be the deciding factor in whether or not value can be gained in a possible resale. The accompanying video shows how a bathroom renovation project can create resale value beyond expectations. While it's a great one, not every project will be a shower to tub conversion. Here are two tips for bathroom renovation:

1. Simplify Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Keeping the renovation design simple will keep you from going over budget and creating an expensive renovation nightmare. Make sure all of the new bathroom accessories are affordable and within the set budget range.

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 Don't go against the existing home floor plans as this will add further expenses to the cost. Instead, design a renovation project with the mindset that this home will be someone else's next year.

2. Using Subway Tile on The Bathroom Wall

Subway tiles are a classic feature found in most homes today. Homeowners love the title because it is an easy-cleaning and budget-friendly cost for those renovation projects on a tight budget. Subway tiles are timeless. Plus, the look will complement the other bathroom features and make the space seem larger than the actual size.

Bathroom renovation projects will add resale value to all homes. Buyers want accessibility inside a home and that is becoming increasingly more important in the bathroom. Showcasing new features will ease their concerns and lessen the need to renovate the bathroom themselves.