Your Guide to Moving Your Home Like a Pro

Before hiring a moving company, you might want to consider moving your home on your own. While moving can feel like a monumental task, following some basic guidelines for loading your moving truck like the pros can save you money and even time during a move. Guides written by professional moving companies share that DIY movers should place the heaviest items on the bottom of the truck and work their way up.

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Some heavier items like bookcases and furniture would be best to load first.

Once you've moved all the heftiest items into the truck, you can work on items that are in the mid-range of weight. Then, you can finish your moving truck off with lightweight items. When you're running out of space, one easy hack to maximize square footage in the truck is packing items inside the chair legs. As a word of caution, you should pad the chair legs before packing objects inside of them to steer clear of damage. 

Still, knowing how to move doesn't get the job done. If you are moving a large home or multi-room apartment, consider hiring moving services to make the job a breeze. Even having several more pairs of hands can help you turn a stressful, all-day project into an easy afternoon.