Your Guide to Playing Billiards Like a Pro

Want to learn how to play billiards, or pool as it's often called, like a pro? It's going to take some practice to play pool at the highest level, but by following the basic tips below, you can make sure that you get off to a fast start.

First, you'll want to figure out the lay of the table. You'll notice that there are six pockets, four corner pockets, and two side pockets.

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With standard billiards, there are fifteen colored number balls and a single white cue ball. You'll be using the cue ball to knock the numbered balls into the pockets. One ball, the black eight ball, can't be hit in (without losing) until a player has removed all of the solid or striped balls.

When it comes to holding the cue stick, you'll want to make sure that your front hand has a large “footprint”, meaning that it provides stable support. This makes it easier to consistently hit the ball the way you intended. Hitting the colored balls it will take some practice. It's important to figure out how you can most comfortably hold the cue stick while still exerting a good amount of force. Don't worry if billiards is difficult at first. With practice comes skill and with effort you can learn to play billiards like a pro pool player.