How Trees Affect Curb Appeal and Resale Value

Many people love greenery and increasingly, homeowners are integrating trees and other things into their homes and greenspaces. Often, yards are the first impression that many people will get of a home. The right trees, bushes, and other greenery can make a great impression and even increase home value. You can contact a tree service to explore ways to integrate trees into your landscape.

Curb appeal is especially important when it comes to selling a home and increasing home value. In fact, a well-maintained, green, manicured lawn could actually increase home value by over 25 percent! When it comes to beautiful yards, trees especially can add a lot of value, turning plain old spaces into plush, forest-like spaces.

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One crucial aspect about trees is that they take a while to grow. Someone looking to buy a home without trees may be hesitant because, quite frankly, it'll take a long time for trees they plant to grow in. Many potential buyers will thus pay more upfront for homes with trees.

If your property is a bit sparse when it comes to trees and other greenery, now is a perfect time to invest in sprucing the yard up by contacting a tree service. You'll be able to enjoy the trees and plants as they grow, and later, you may enjoy a higher selling price when it comes time to sell.