How to Start Driving a Manual Transmission

While an automatic transmission makes driving convenient and easy, a manual transmission can add interesting depth to your everyday driving. If you enjoy taking leisurely drives, learning manual transmission may interest you. Here are some helpful tips to get you started learning this fun new way to drive.

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When you're learning how to drive a manual, pick a safe place to learn. It may be tempting to take it out onto the road right away, but you'll want to avoid causing any accidents. Start out on a vacant parking lot. This will give you the space to learn manual transmission safely.

While you're in the parking lot, it may be helpful to bring along someone who has experience with a manual transmission. They'll be able to coach you through the process as you're learning. Online videos can be helpful, but there's nothing like having an experienced driver on your side.

If you take the right precautions and get some help along the way, you'll be driving a manual transmission in no time. You'll finally learn exactly why so many drivers prefer it to an automatic transmission. A manual transmission is often so much more satisfying that some drivers never go back!