The Ultimate Guide to How Professionals Clean Your Pipes

Home and business owners must maintain sewerage pipes properly to prevent costly repairs and excavation. Home and business owners familiar with the process will know what to expect when sewerage pipes need cleaning. In addition, they'll know where to find a suitable drain cleaning company to tend to their sewerage pipes. The video below explains how technicians clean the pipes in your home or business.

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Pipe Cleaning Procedures

The process starts with a professional inspection where technicians use specialized tools to look into the pipe and see if there is any debris or gunk that's blocking the pipe. The technician will decide on the appropriate action plan based on their initial inspection. Technicians used specialized tools and equipment to clear the pipes of the debris to create flow. The next step is to clean the pipe; spraying water through the system removes stubborn debris using a high-pressure water machine.

A final inspection ensures that all debris is removed and the pipes are clear. During the final inspection, the technician will look for any cracks in the pipes. If there are cracks, the technician will do repairs. The final step is preventative measures. The technician offers advice and tips about what not to flush down the pipes to prevent future blockages. It's imperative to be proactive with sewerage pipe maintenance.