How to Decide Fixing or Replacing Your Driveway

Your driveway is an important feature of your home, both aesthetically and functionally. From a visual perspective, it can increase the curb appeal of your property and thus increase its value, and from a functional perspective, it provides safe access to your home and garage. The big question is, when do you repair them, and when do you contact asphalt companies to replace them? The video below can shed some light on this question.

Identify the Signs

Let's start by looking at the type of driveway you have. Each driveway will have different signs to look out for.

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For example, asphalt driveways may fade, crack, and have crumbling edges or potholes. These are clear signs you may need to replace the driveway. Concrete driveways may have cracks or spalling, or you may need to replace the driveway if the surface is recessed. Gravel, paver, and brick driveways each have notable signs they need replacing.

Sometimes the damage isn't so bad, and you can do a quick repair. For example, if you have an asphalt driveway with a small pothole, you can request local asphalt companies to come out and do a quick repair. The same applies to all the other types of driveways. It's important to educate yourself about the pros and cons of your specific type of driveway and the signs that you may need to replace or repair it.