5 Tips to Consider When Listing Your Home

If you've had any experience with buying or selling a home, you know the real estate industry has been through a lot of changes lately. Good old stand-by wisdom for selling homes just doesn't hold up in today's market. That's why Joe Manausa, the local real estate agent behind Joe Manausa Real Estate, posted this educational video for homeowners looking to sell a home. Read on for five top tips for selling your home in today's market:

  1. Find a Great Local Real Estate Agent - Get in touch with a local, reputable real estate agent. You want someone who knows the history and current state of the market you are selling in.

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  2. Curb Appeal Comes First - What potential buyers see from the road is their first impression. If you have great curb appeal, you'll get interested buyers.
  3. Open Up Living Spaces - Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in a space their way. Leaving it open leaves room for their imaginations to take over.
  4. Depersonalize - Your home has been decorated and furnished to suit you, not your buyers. Depersonalizing removes doubts that they will be able to make it suit their tastes.
  5. Paint With Neutral Tones - Finally, repaint with neutral tones. This is the most important part of depersonalizing a space.