Your Guide to Understanding Your Accident Case's Worth

When you have been in an automobile accident to no fault of your own, you know that you are due fair compensation. But the question is, how much can you expect? People need to know what their settlements will be worth so they can plan for their financial needs. That's why the knowledgeable attorneys at Michigan Auto Law - Auto Accident Attorneys have made this informative video on the subject. Be sure to watch, and read on to learn more.

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How Your Accident Attorney Determines the Value of Your Accident Case

In recent years, legal factors determining the value of personal injury settlements have shifted significantly. Today, we judge these things based on the following factors:

  1. Type of Accident - Different types of accidents come with different types of liability and claim values. This factor is a major contributor to your total claim.
  2. Responsible Party - Certain parties like corporations, government agencies, and others will have different motivating factors when it comes to settlements and different levels of responsibility on the road.
  3. Medical Costs - Often, the cost of your medical needs after an accident can determine much of the value of your claim. The amount of time you need to recover, and time off work, can also be highly relevant.
  4. Other Relevant Details - Every accident is different. Your accident attorney will need to examine and consider all of the pertinent details of your case closely to determine your total potential claim value.