Training Your Dog Needs to Respect Personal Space

How does someone teach their dog to respect others? The video below focuses on a dog trainer teaching the public his tricks. It features dog owners at their wit's end with their furry friends' bad behavior. Caesar Millan, the dog behaviorist, swooped in to save the day.

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The first dog, Gypsy, was absolutely terrified of the lawn mower. Besides, these machines can be loud and scary. But Caesar had a trick up his sleeve. He showed Gypsy's owner how to desensitize her to the sound and make the animal feel more comfortable.

Watching Caesar work his magic on these dogs is truly impressive. He's got this incredible ability to understand what's going on in doggy brains. And it's not just about training the dogs, but also the owners. Anyone dealing with a misbehaving pup should take a page out of Caesar's book and give it a try.

Junebug, the second dog, is a real sweetheart. She's always so excited to see people that she can't help but jump up and give them a big old kiss. A friendly dog is cool, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. That's where Caesar comes in.

As a wise and experienced dog trainer, Caesar knows something about controlling a dog's excitement. He teaches Junebug's owner some handy tricks to help her greet people more calmly and composedly. And it's made a world of difference. One of the things Caesar suggested was teaching Junebug a solid sit command. Whenever Junebug gets a little too excited, her owner just says, sit, and she obeys the command.